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Your Host: Glen L. Moyer

I'm a veteran broadcast and print journalist, a hot air balloon pilot, and a storyteller. 

In 2013, I stumbled upon the BBC Drama, "Monarch of the Glen" on Netflix. That program, for the first time, awakened within me an appreciation of my Scots heritage. My ancestry has been traced to my 8th great-grandfather, Robert Gabriell Barnhill (born in Glasgow, in 1627) and Alexander Breckenridge, thought to have been from either Ayrshire or Lanarkshire, who moved to the Highlands under the influence of the Campbells of Breadalbane before later emigrating to the Ulster Plantation in Ireland. His grandson, also Alexander Breckenridge, emigrated to the USA in the early 1700s.

Since 2014 I've visited Scotland annually while pursuing my dream to immigrate and live there. This podcast is my way of sharing my passion for Scotland, its people, its culture, and its history.